Priya Paul Collection of Popular Art

Auf der Suche nach dem, mir bisher unbekannten Begriff „Medienethnologie“, den mir Markus Schleiter ins Ohr gesetzt hat, bin ich auf eine Sammlung Populärer indischer Kunst gestoßen.

Auszug aus der Vorstellung der Sammlung von Priya Paul auf der Website von Tasveer Ghar –  Archive of South Asian Popular Visual Culture:

The Priya Paul Collection of Popular Art at Tasveer Ghar

An Introduction by Yousuf Saeed
In its endeavour to locate and archive valuable collections of popular Indian art, Tasveer Ghar received an opportunity in 2008 to digitize the personal collection of Priya Paul, the well-known Indian entrepreneur and art connoisseur. Ms. Paul, the current Chairperson of Apeejay Park Hotels, has been an ardent collector of Indian art, contemporary as well as popular/archival. Her collection of old posters, calendars, postcards, commercial advertisements, textile labels and cinema posters, painstakingly accumulated over several decades, is one of the finest archives of such ephemera in India. When Tasveer Ghar was commissioned to digitize and archive this important collection, each image needed careful handling, cleaning, assessment, scanning, digital photography, classification, and detailed annotation. It took more than 3 months to physically handle and scan the images into raw digital data. Part of this work was funded by the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” at Heidelberg University.

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